There are many varieties and lineages of Lomi. The one I practice, The Lomi Ke Ala Hoku is known as Hawaiian Sacred Temple Bodywork. This particular style of Lomi was birthed on the Island of Kauai, and has been passed down through many generations.

In Hawaiian, often words have many translations, and the name of this system as given to me can be variously defined as the ‘Pathway to the Stars’, ‘Passage through the Star Gate’, or the ‘Gesture of the Spiritual Midwife’.

Hawaiian Sacred Temple Bodywork is both an energetic and physical form of healing. It works through the aura, and on the physical body in the form of loving touch. The sacred dance that forms the basis of this system weaves the infinite energy of unconditional love. This dance is called the ‘Infinity Dance’, or the ‘Flying Dance’, and involves a combination of movements, breath, and intention to access and weave unconditional love around and within the sacred one on the table.

The legend of this practice describes it as a rite of passage ceremony for transformation and spiritual growth. In tradition, a person would receive a Lomi whenever they were going through major changes in life, such as at birth, in coming of age, becoming a parent or a leader in the community, or when they reached a point of culmination and transition on their own spiritual path. They would receive this work in the temple, and their ceremony would last from eight hours to three or four days, until they were ‘complete’ for that moment in time. These ceremonies helped them to release from the body old energies that were no longer serving, and integrate new vibrations and qualities to support the work ahead.

While we are here in the physical, we are in partnership with our body, the vehicle for our soul and spirit. Sometimes energies can become stuck, stagnant, blocked, or damaged. The memories of traumas and experiences can linger in unconscious or sometimes conscious ways. Lomi helps one to release and transform what is ready (Spiritually, Physically, and Emotionally), to integrate things we have begun/created/learned, and to activate and ignite new energies to assist us in the work we must do in ourselves and in the world.

What does a Lomi session look like and feel like?

Hawaiian Sacred Temple Bodywork is massage meets ceremony. All sessions begin with sitting together to explore what is coming up in the moment. What is felt in the body, what is felt emotionally, what thoughts have been cycling. We both set intentions for the session, and take time to prepare, get grounded, and drop into a deeper space to allow healing to happen at the highest possible level.

Sessions are done on a massage table, and sacred, protected, and cleared space is set. Our higher selves, guides, animal totems, and any other beings working with us in alignment with our highest good are invited to guide, participate in, or witness this work.

Each session begins with initiating the energetic wave of love using the Infinity Dance to begin the process. The dance generates this wave, which flows from my movements, breath, and intention and allows the energies to begin to move. Then the physical work begins.

Lomi uses a warmed oil, in an extra warm room, to keep the body comfortable and to promote deep relaxation. The movements on the body are often described like ocean waves wearing away rock. Gentle at times, intense at others, but generally long, deep, and flowing. Most Lomi is done with the forearms, along with the hands. We give attention to the whole body, from the scalp to the toes, and sessions flow according to what is needed in the moment as I listen to your spirit and body.

We work into the deep tissues, and bring loving touch to tender areas like the tummy and chest, where we keep some of our deepest child wounds. It allows the gentle release of energies, and brings light and care to the body.

It is at times deeply relaxing, at others incredibly invigorating, but always a unique rebirthing happens.

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