B. Irwin – “My recent Lomi Lomi session with Jaime was truly transformative. Her wisdom and practice far exceeds that of a simple body work session. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left her presence, Jaime was the utmost demonstration of nurturing and quality care in her work. From this session I felt a deep sense of relaxation and allowing back into my body. I’m deeply grateful for this gift she provides and excited to see her share it with those who feel called. Thank you Jaime.”


A. Sorel – “A magical moment in the heart of self, Training given by a generous, authentic, intuitive woman. The very essence of lomi lomi care was transmitted with wisdom and depth. A big thank you for this new knowledge, it was for me a great healing experience  until next time 


M. Gareau -“We danced beautifully, we connected fully and we created magical sacred healing. I highly recommend Jaime as a teacher as well as a practitioner. Her intuition and her wisdom makes learning fun and intense all at the same time. Thank you for the wonderful weekend to my new Ohana!!!”


R. Lantz – “I have had several Lomi Lomi sessions with Jaime and they have been the most amazing and transformative experiences! As someone who has experienced many different massage and energy work modalities, I can honestly say that Lomi Lomi with Jaime is the absolute best in both domains. Jaime holds an impeccable space of love and truth, asking all of the right questions to dive into the parts that need to move and transform. She then brings all of the magic and mystery of the divine to the practice and provides incredible care and attention while on the table. I feel safe, honoured and blessed to have her deep healing be a regular part of my life. I will certainly be continuing these sessions. So much love and gratitude for Jaime and this sacred work! 


A. Galbraith -“Jaime brings a powerful weaving of wisdom, heart and skill to her love of teaching and offering Lomi, Sacred Temple Bodywork. The combined depth of her compassion and years of experience create a learning dynamic and a sacred space you can trust. Her ready ability to guide, both experienced body work practitioners and those new to bodywork, make her an extraordinary resource for those who choose to learn Hawaiian Sacred Temple Bodywork.

Whether you choose to receive, or to train, with Jaime you will find a wise woman who will encourage you in living a balanced life. Relaxing profoundly or learning by doing, your life will be better for the time you spend with her.

Jaime is committed to her own growth and so, you will discover ongoing learning, beyond a single visit or event. I’m grateful to have met Jaime decades ago, to both teach her and to learn from her. I look forward to sharing decades more, adventuring together in life! She is a treasure!”



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Published in: The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Canada


Hawaii’s ‘sacred’ massage: It feels like waves on the ocean and the therapist dances while administering it. When is a massage a spiritual experience? When it’s Lomi Lomi, writes Wendy DeMos


The Lomi Lomi Massage

By Wendy DeMos

Though I’ve tried almost every type of massage from shiatsu to Thai to your basic Swedish — and they all have superb qualities — none has lifted me to such exquisite serenity as the Lomi Lomi.

Other massage techniques are meant to relax or heal or balance chakras, the “energy centres” of the body. Lomi Lomi is meant to “open your connection to God, enhance your intuition and help you grow as a spiritual being and become more enlightened,” says Jaime Constable, my Lomi Lomi massage therapist at the Provision Centre in Ottawa.

Sounds like a tall order for a massage. Whatever it’s meant to do on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, it feels fabulous — and it’s catching on all over North America and Europe.

Lomi Lomi is a full-body massage, done on a massage table, just like a regular massage. I lie directly on the surface of the table, but under a sheet, first lying on my front. Halfway through the treatment I roll over onto my back.

What is different about Lomi Lomi compared with other massage styles is that Ms. Constable often works under the body, between the back and the table. That’s when it most feels like ocean waves caressing me. The sweeping motions that Ms. Constable makes so effortlessly feel like they have lifted me into another time and space.

What’s almost as amazing is that Lomi Lomi is done mostly with the arms and not the hands. Rather than fingers, Ms. Constable uses her forearms and upper arms to slip under my body — between my back and the table — and create the wavelike motions.

In fact, most of the massage is done with long strokes using her forearms and upper arms. To sweep under my body comfortably and effortlessly, Ms. Constable uses lots of massage oil, so be ready for a shower afterward.

Where did this new massage style come from? This particular type of Lomi comes from the Island of Kauai, where the Lomi Lomi is considered a rite of passage ceremony, says Ms. Constable.

In ancient times as well as now, the shaman of the village receives a vision of who is next to receive the Lomi, she says. That person comes to the temple and receives Lomi from four to six people for eight hours to several days.

Now I could go for that. I’ll set aside a few days for continual Lomi Lomi and report back once I come back down to Earth.

Those who feel like they’re in a trendy New Age spa when their massage therapist puts on a little Enya music will broaden their holistic horizons even further when they first encounter Lomi Lomi.

“Whenever I do any form of healing, I always set a sacred space,” Ms. Constable explains. She also clears the space with smudge or incense.

After this, she “sets the energy” for the Lomi Lomi session and dances around the table to “bring myself into alignment with the energy and with the client.”

She calls this movement the Flying Dance. It is performed at the beginning and end of the session.

I don’t notice anything but hear a bit of rustling around the table. I was in another world. A blissful one.

Most practitioners learn Lomi Lomi as apprentices, says Perth-area practitioner Alani Kuzma. The form it takes varies from one place to another in Hawaii. Some practitioners might place warm stones on the person receiving Lomi, for example. The techniques are passed down in families in Hawaii, much like some families pass down a signature lasagna recipe, says Ms. Kuzma.

The dance is an integral part of Lomi, but the form it takes varies from one practitioner to another. Some therapists use a variety of the hula dance, while Ms. Kuzma uses a form of temple dance.

Her record for giving a Lomi Lomi massage is 10 consecutive hours. “The legend is that Lomi would go on from one to 15 days — until there was no tension left in the muscles. It was like a fresh start.”

She describes it as very gentle and not like deep tissue work, although some therapists may work on stubborn knots in the muscle.”It’s like water wearing away rock,” says Ms. Kuzma. “And it’s so soothing.”

Lomi Lomi is relatively new to Ottawa, and to Ms. Constable. She began training last March when she saw a demonstration in New York and was immediately intrigued, drawn initially to the dance element.

“I consider each Lomi Lomi a sacred experience, a spiritual experience. I often go into a meditative state while in session, feeling the flow of the energy, and being sensitive to what the client is needing each moment,” she says.

“My clients have described their experience to me in many ways. Most often people say they feel as though they are being cradled in their mother’s arms, that it is nurturing and powerful. They feel safe and cared for. It has been compared to floating on an ocean with the waves caressing the body.”

Sometimes she works with other practitioners such as Ms. Kuzma, and they do group Lomi Lomi sessions. “It allows people to go deep and let go of the stress,” she says.

Ms. Constable also receives Lomi body work and says it’s been very powerful.”It isn’t often as an adult that we are held in so sacred and loving a space,” she says.

Jaime Constable can be reached at the Provision Centre, 375 Richmond Rd. Her Lomi Lomi treatments start at $60.

Other Lomi Lomi practitioners in Ottawa include Samantha Ireland at 613-233-4151, Angela Thomas at 613-277-0532 and Alani Kuzma, who will be running a week-long intensive Lomi Lomi training program in January. For more information call at 613-326-0614.

Wendy DeMos is a singer/songwriter, freelance writer and massage therapy aficionados.