Jaime Constable
Walking the path

Welcome and Aloha!

It has been an honour throughout my life to be in service to others. I have lived as a facilitator of healing and transformation for those seeking to elevate their consciousness, remember who they really are, and gain understanding and release from conditions of suffering. I am also a teacher, and it is a joy to share what I have learned from my travels (inward and outward), my experiences, and training.

I believe the most important thing I can share with you is my intention, the place I work from, and what I am working towards, though at the end I will describe my training and experience for those interested.

I have been committed to walking the path of my own healing, while also being in service to others. We all carry sacred wounds into this life and have experiences that may deepen or trigger those wounds. Ultimately it is my understanding that all experiences seek to teach us, help us remember who we are, and the truth of oneness. There is in every moment an opportunity to see and feel through to new levels of knowing, to transform our deepest wounds, and to express in freedom the deep unconditional love essence that we are.

My journey, like so many of you, has been to remember how to fully and unconditionally love myself and all things, and to allow the essence of who I really am to be here now – available, present, flowing, and co-creating life. I walk this path to honour who I am, to honour the divine, and to help others when I can.

Sometimes, healing and transformation happen in great waves of love, bliss, and grace. Being honest though, it takes a great deal of courage to walk the path of the seeker, and to work on one’s healing. I know at times it has taken all my will, determination, strength, humility, and force to face my own self and to move towards radical self-responsibility for my own life. It takes an unrelenting willingness to confront the darkest parts of ourselves, to stop hiding, and to unabashedly and completely come to a place of acceptance and love. The grace of letting go, the power of stepping up, the celebration of loving and being grateful. What a dance!

I am here, as a guide and helper, on this sacred journey of the soul. I work from love, towards love. This is my devotion.

For those interested, below is a timeline of my journey as a student of life and a healer, and shows the focus of my studies and how I am applying my gifts at this time:

My current focus is to share in sessions and retreats the Lomi Ke Ala Hoku – Hawaiian Sacred Temple Bodywork. Most of this site is devoted to that offering. I have been a student and practitioner of this ancient system since 2001, and in 2007 I began my path as a teacher. Most recently, in 2018 I traveled to Kauai to cross train with another teacher in the Temple Style Bodywork lineage, and am carrying even more gifts to share with you.

In sessions, my intention is to be present for you in whatever way is most needed at the time. This is deeply intuitive work, and so sessions can look different one to the next. I work from a place of love, ultimately, and allow myself to be guided by you. Each session is a ceremony, and direction also comes from our combined intention for your healing and what is relevant to you in that moment in life.

In teaching others to be practitioners of this sacred art, my focus is both on the inner path of the person becoming the practitioner – as healers we must also constantly give space for our own healing and growth, and on transmitting the energy, the essence, the story, the lineage, and the practical techniques at the foundation of this practice. Classes are highly experiential with a combination of work on self and others, with meditation and journeying, ceremony, and celebration to allow opportunities for students to connect deeply to the mysteries and the infinite heart of Lomi.

My other learning and practices:

I began my journey learning and practicing various aspects of the Kundalini tradition in 1999, and received my initiations as a Reiki practitioner in 2000. In 2001, I studied Expressive Art Therapies, including Dance and Movement Therapy, Poetry and Journaling Therapy, Holistic Healing, and Play Therapy and Children. Around this time I also began exploring Shamanic teachings, a path that resonated deeply with me, and I continue to practice even now. From 2001-2005 I was both student and teacher of ancient mystery traditions, where I learned and practiced many healing modalities such as Negative Emotional Cord Cutting, etheric surgery, DNA activation, and other subtle energy body healing therapies. I also taught classes to help people to raise their energetic vibration levels and understanding (i.e. Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, Opening to Channel). I have worked in a ceremonial and healing way with various plant medicines, though by far, the most profound healing and growth experiences came through working with Grandmother Ayahuasca, to whom I am deeply deeply grateful. From 2005-2010, I worked on my B.A in Psychology, and the focus of my studies was on Phenomenology, Existentialism, and Embodiment. My thesis work focused on the experience of a radical change in ‘beingness’ in the world through the experience of body based therapies. In recent years, I have been drawn to integrate voice work in my own healing, and in healing others. I have explored sacred song in my own practice, working with plant medicines, singing to the animals, plants, elements, and to people. Recently, I began more formal studies as a Shamanic Sound Healer Practitioner, and I very much look forward to expanding with these practices both personally, and integrating them with Lomi.

Thank you for taking in a little of my journey. Blessings to you, and keep shining!


Jaime Constable